Below you will find a complete list of the services we can offer our customers. If the service you require is not listed here but you feel we can help please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be delighted to assist you, contact us on 0161 728 4625

Surface preparation
At TP Flooring & Coatings Manchester we make sure that the fundamentals of surface preparation for epoxy, resin, industrial resin flooring and vinyl flooring are delivered with high attention to detail. We ensure that the cleanliness and condition of the surface mean that it will adhere to an...
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Damp Proof Membranes
We would always recommend the use of damp proof membrane. Regardless of the flooring that may feel perfectly dry, it will always contain a certain level of damp. As a result it will reduce the longevity of your floors and may cause chipping, lifting and other issues. As we specialise in damp proo...
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Resin Coatings
At TP Flooring & Coatings Manchester we are dedicated to delivering professionally laid resin flooring and industrial resin flooring solutions along with great customer service. Our professional flooring experts are experienced and passionate in applying and installing only the best qu...
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Resin Screeds
High build resin systems is a long-lasting cost-effective solution to your flooring. The system uses a number of layers to create a floor that is durable for your environment as well as being able to stand up to moderate and heavy pedestrian traffic. The main benefit of high build resin systems i...
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Self-Levelling Systems
Self-Levelling Systems by TP Flooring & Coatings in Manchester is the perfect method to level any flooring. This will help with any uneven surfaces and damages and for raising the floor level. Often used on older and worn our surfaces that need a flawless texture and a level surface for a smo...
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Demarcation and Line Marking
Line Marking is a service most often used in commercial spaces like airports, warehouses and factory floors. Using demarcation in an effective way using resin paint to add lines or lettering on the floor for guidance and direction. For more information and a free quote CONTACT US.
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Carpet and Vinyl Installations
When it comes to the installation of commercial and residential vinyl flooring and carpets, look no further than the team here at TP Flooring & Coatings Manchester. We ensure that the carpets and flooring we install for you is hard-wearing and resistant to high foot traffic and heav...
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